I'm a pretty tolerant person. Some of my better friends are Cub fans. A few of them are even democrats. I've lived through Detroit Red Wing Stanley Cup Championships (*shudder*). But, one trend I would LOVE to see end this year is people taking pictures of themselves in the bathroom and posting them on Facebook.

There's only one thing I hate worse than bathroom pics on Facebook.  And, that's people making "fish lips" in their bathroom mirror on Facebook.  What's next?  Fish making "people lips" and posting them on BassBook?!?  Stop the madness now.

Don't misunderstand and think this is my personal vendetta against bathrooms.  I am a big fan of the "commode".  I do some of my best work there.  (Editor:  TOO MUCH INFORMATION!)  In fact, my wife loves the TV show "Bath Crashers" on HGTV.

But, PLEASE....for the love of all that is good and holy, STOP taking pics of yourself in the bathroom.  Find a nice tree...or shrub.  Got a new TV you're proud of?  Great!  Take your pic with it and post it!  But, let the bathroom remain a secret.  Otherwise, I will be forced to post my own fish-lips bathroom pic on this website.  You have been warned.