Try to forget for a second that there's a dog dressed up as a turkey in that picture. The bigger problem is we are ONE WEEK AWAY FROM THANKSGIVING! Yikes. Would someone please hit the pause button cause I'm not ready. Why? Thanks for asking. Here are ten of them.

10.  I'm not done being mad at politicians after the elections.  Hard to be thankful when you're mad.

9.  Still confused by the Beardo Beard Hat.  Is it a hat?  Is it a beard?  It's both!

8.  After abrupt end to St. Louis Cardinal baseball season, I'm still looking for bullpen help.

7.  Unable to plan for the holidays on my laptop since Windows 8 is hiding stuff from me.

6.  Half of my family calls it Thanksgiving.  The other half says "Turkey Day".  I've been preoccupied planning for both then find out it's the same day.

5.  Being stalked by Chachi (aka Scott Baio)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

4. Old TV show favorite "Friends" just came out on blu-ray and I have 175 more episodes to watch.

3.  City council keeps making me clean my yard.

2.  None of my family's scheduled stop on Thanksgiving have access to Wrestlemania on pay-per-view.

and the number one reason I'm not ready for Thanksgiving...

1.  Lucy keeps yanking the dang football away before I can kick it.