Do you believe in conspiracies?  I used to go on camp outs when I was a Boy Scout simply because I was determined to catch "Mo-Mo" (Missouri version of  Bigfoot...basically Bigfoot wearing flip-flops)  So, yes, I tend to get caught up in conspiracies fairly often.  That's why I'd like to know what caused the huge boom that rattled the Hannibal/Quincy area late this morning.

At last count, we are 25 comments deep on Facebook with listeners reporting hearing (and feeling) the boom in Hannibal, Quincy, Palmyra, Payson and Ewing.  Listener Chris Prewitt tried to blow the doors off of my conspiratorial thought with the following comment:

sorry folks just test firing the ol tator gun

Sorry Chris, but Maggie Moody Walker ain't buying it.  She had this to say:

Very loud in Payson, rattled the windows and the house shook. (No tator gun here : )

Makes me wonder if there isn't something more to this.  Perhaps you heard about the booms being reported in Clintonville, Wisconsin?  Experts initially tried to report that the residents were hearing sounds caused by an earthquake.  But now, ABC News is reporting the booms are back (and this time no earthquakes).

Did you hear the boom?  Do you have an explanation?  Have you caught "Mo-Mo"?  These are questions that need to be answered.