Are you one of the brave and/or desperate souls that is out shopping today? If so, first of all, I will pray for you. Also, feel free to peruse our Black Friday deals page with some of the bigger sales happening around the area. As for me, I plan to curl up in the corner in the fetal position until this day is over.

I actually entered this fray a few years ago.  I think the reason I decided to do Black Friday was due to some small netbooks that I wanted to get for my kids.  I was successful, but in the process watched people get shoved over shelves...for a DVD player.

I'm not gonna get preachy.  But, I have to wonder what this day says about us as a society that we're so focused on "stuff" that we sometimes choose to abuse our fellow man just to save a few bucks.  Even monkeys sitting in the trees watching all this (hey, it could happen!)  must be thinking..."wow, even we're more civil animals than this".  And, now that I think about it, I've never seen a monkey shove over another monkey just to save a few bucks on bananas.

If you're reading this and actually out in this mess, more than likely you're a kind soul that is just having fun shopping and not being rude.  However, be safe and know there are animals among you...that will trample you down to get the HDTV that was just put on sale for 50% off.