Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn, together known as Austin, Texas-based duo the Wind and the Wave, recently released their debut album, 'From the Wreckage,' and they're sharing the inspiration behind one of its tracks exclusively with The Boot.

"The songs were born of gut feelings and Patty writing about whatever came out," Baker says of the album as a whole, the lyrics for which came from intense, open morning conversations. “The songs are so honest because of those discussions, that's for sure."

'Every Other Sunday Morning' is inspired by Lynn's experiences growing up in San Antonio with a Catholic mother and a Christian father.

"From a parents' perspective, it's about trying to show your kids what you think is right ... and failing, and those moments that come out of that, those arguments," Baker says in the video. "When someone you know you love forever ... it's that moment after all of that, where you go, 'Well, I love you, so...sorry.'''

The song's title is quite literal: One Sunday, Lynn would go to a Catholic church, and the next, she'd go to a Church of Christ. "She got conflicting messages and was told as a young girl that both were correct," Baker says.

"My upbringing is all over the record, so for me it’s, ‘Remember where you came from, but also create your own way," Lynn adds. "It’s about asking questions and not just being what you are because of where you're from or what you're taught, but coming to know yourself in your own way.”

The Wind and the Wave came to be after Baker, a songwriter and producer, saw a show by Lynn's then-band. Three years later, in 2012, the two began a writing group with friends. A number of songs from that group are on 'From the Wreckage.'

“It was just, ‘Let’s get really high, drink lots of whiskey, and write for the f--- of it,” Baker says. “That’s how it all started.”

'From the Wreckage' is available now on iTunes.