There's no way around it... people do some really stupid things. We highlight a few of them each morning at 8:20am on KICK-FM in fact. Here a a few of this weeks  real 'geniuses.'

1. A man in Seattle hates spiders so much that he used a can of spray paint and a blowtorch to try to kill one. All he accomplished was causing $60,000 in damage to his rental home. I hope he had good renters insurance.

2. Another man went to a pizza place in Massachusetts and was so upset about the time it took to cook his pizza, that he decided to swing a gumball machine at the clerk. After first demanding his money back, and the pizza... which the clerk gave him, he then proceeded to become the first gumball machine wielding perpetrator on record. Thankfully he was arrested... without having any pizza first.

3. We expect doctors to be smarter than us. In fact we count on it. That's why it was so shocking when a doctor in Australia came under investigation for various instances of surgical errors. The doc in question is being investigated for removing the wrong kidney in one patient and the wrong testicle in another. Ouch.

4. A particularly cruel and heartless woman in Portland is alleged to have killed her brother's dog 'Fred,' because it pooped on the floor. She kicked the dog hard enough to make it bleed before drowning it. There needs to be a special place in hell for people like this.

5. Finally, karma foiled the burglary attempt of a New York man when he attempted to steal some copper wire from an electrical sub station. The man grabbed a 35,000 volt power line and his clothes burst into flames. Needless to say, he didn't get away with any stolen goods.

Be safe out there folks, but just as importantly... don't be stupid.