What do other drivers do that irks you the most?  There are some universal irritations when it comes to driving.  But, in the tri-state area, we have some unique roads and situations that tend to drive some of us crazy.  Here are a few of our (non) favorites.

5.  Tailgating on Interstate 172

What is not to like about interstate 172?  You have a spiffy 65mph speed limit.  For the most part, it's a relatively pothole-free highway thanks to the fact that it's also the newest.  Well, one pet peeve about this stretch of interstate happens to be one we can't quite figure out.  There are an alarming number of people that tend to tailgate...yes, on a four-lane interstate.  Remember, if the driver in front of you isn't going fast enough for you, that passing lane to the left is your friend.  Embrace it...love it...use it.

4.  Merging traffic on highway 36 and interstate 172 that proceeds to pass you on the right

Courteous drivers move to the left lane when they approach an on-ramp where traffic is merging.  That's what makes it especially irritating when traffic that merges shows their appreciation by not letting you get back into the right lane and proceeds to pass you.  This is especially a road rage inspiration in highway 36 in Hannibal right after you cross the bridge with the cars/trucks/wagons that are merging from Mark Twain Avenue.  If you have moved to the left to allow traffic to merge but need to get back into the right lane so you can turn on to McMasters Avenue/Highway 61...too bad cause some folks will proceed to pass you on the right.  The fact that there is only 50 feet of highway between that on ramp and McMasters doesn't help.  (Yes, it is actually more than 50 feet, but it FEELS like it's 50 feet)

3.  Non-use of the turn lane on Broadway in Quincy

Quincy drivers tend to be brave.  Unless you are asking them to use the turn lane on Broadway.  I don't know if there was a report that there was unusual radioactivity in the turn lane that folks are trying to avoid or what.  But, as you cruise down the main drag in Q-Town, you have to prepare at any moment for the vehicle in front of you to decide to turn left.  That means the 15 cars behind them will now wait while the non-turn lane vehicle waits for the 50 vehicles going the other way to get past so they can turn over two lanes (one of them apparently radioactive).

2.  Slower traffic not using the right lane on highway 79 in Hannibal

There's a big sign when you pass by the south side of Hannibal and begin the climb on highway 79.  It says "Slower Traffic Please Use Right Lane".  I'm posting that note here as a public service because it seems like no vehicle in history ever uses that right lane.  Yes, the rock cliffs are beautiful.  Yes, everyone should go up Lover's Leap and see the great view at least a few times in their life.  And, yes, EVERY VEHICLE that plans to go 30 mph to take in these sites should use the RIGHT LANE.  Thanks.

1.  The 17 billion different speed limits on Highway 57 between Quincy and Hannibal

I'm all for driving the speed limit.  It would be helpful if a college degree in astronomical physics weren't required to figure out what the speed limit is.  But, that's exactly what's needed to drive legally on highway 57 between Quincy and Hannibal.  It starts out as 40mph...no hold on...it just changed to 45mph for 100 yards...oh wait...now it's back to 40...then it's 45 and now 55....STOP!!! Marblehead is straight ahead with a stricter than life itself 30mph speed (and seven troopers perched with 9 speed guns on the two useable roads)...and now FLOOR IT!  It's 55mph again!  My brain hurts.

Are there any particular driving things you encounter in this area that DRIVE YOU CRAZY?!?  (no driving pun intended)  If so, please share and we'll try not to throw a fit when you decide to turn left off of Broadway without using the turn lane.