Last week,  I asked the question about how often do you wash your jeans?

The results are in, and I can't say that I'm too surprised by the response, except for one question that I'll get to in a moment.

My thoughts are that if you put on a clean pair of jeans and wear them a couple of times before washing again, you're probably not violating health standards. It appears that you agree. Nearly 54 percent of people responded that it's okay to wear them more than once between laundering. Glad I'm not alone in my thoughts.

Apparently, many of you also like your jeans looking spiffy at all times. Almost 36 percent of our poll-takers said that jeans should be washed every time after being worn.  That number was higher than I anticipated. Perhaps we had influence from the "Tide delegation" weighing in.

Just over 7 percent of those responding chose the "wash jeans? what does that mean?" category. Okay, you folks are really scaring me. Please don't tell me that this is the same group that just "walks off," the legs of their jeans, rather than hemming them.  Suddenly, I hear Jeff Foxworthy's voice.

Just under 4 percent of those responding said that they wash their jeans once a week.  Probably not the best scenario if you work in a hog confinement or cleaning out grease traps. But then again, I sit in a room and talk to myself for a living, so what do I know?

We appreciate the response and will bring you another "hard-hitting" topic again soon.