I love comedy. Nothing makes me feel better than to laugh.

Now that's funny!

When I see someone else laughing, it makes me laugh harder. So when I found out that KICK-FM, Y101, and Coors Light were presenting the LMAO Comedy Series, I was excited (to say the least).

I have seen hundreds of comedians perform in large auditoriums on Comedy Central, HBO, and Showtime. Some of my favorites are Gabriel Iglesias, Eddie Murphy, Dane Cook, Christopher Titus, Lewis Black, Carlos Mencia, Daniel Tosh, and Dave Attell. But the best way to see a comedian, in my opinion, is in a smaller "club like" setting.

I have been to many comedy clubs in my life and have seen several comedians that were "up and coming". Caroline Rhea was one of those comedians - and look at her now. Friday night is your chance to see some "up and commers" at the first of the LMAO Comedy Series at the State Room in Quincy. Our headliner is Longhorn The Comedian, plus local comedians B.J. Spangler, Jason Bunch, Kris Wernowsky and Ben Vogt. The show will be hosted by Phil Quevillon and Jason Lohmeyer. Tickets are still available for $10 each.

If you have the opportunity, come out to the State Room this Friday night. It's a lot of laughs for $10. Come by my table and say hi. You can't miss me - I'll be the one laughing the loudest.