I saw on friend's updates over the weekend on Facebook that many had gone to the "Tri-States Got The Talent" competition.  Apparently, there were quite a few very talented folks there.  I'm happy to hear that although frankly it brings to mind a thought that has been banging around in my brain lately.  And, that thought has to do with the fact that it is sad to me that it seems no one wants to be ordinary anymore.

I want to be clear this is not anything against the people that compete in these competitions.  There surely are some great artists that are using these shows to get discovered and connect with fans.  But, I guess the troubling trend is that to me it doesn't seem that anybody is happy being "ordinary".  How many bazillions of American Idols or X-Factors or Dancing with the Stars do we have to sit through?

I am a notorious under-achiever (just look at the job I do mowing my yard).  But, I believe that everyone is born to do something.  And, I'm convinced that not everyone is destined to be a "star".  I know plenty of very upstanding people that are postal carriers, bank tellers, truck drivers and grocery store cashiers.

There is a certain amount of "fame" that comes with being on the radio.  But, trust me, that's highly over-rated.  The best friends I have are the ones I had before the radio show came about.  It's nice to know that there are people that like you for who you are (or at least do a spiffy job of pretending).  Getting to know people through the radio show has been cool, but I never started doing this to get "famous".  If anything, I did it in spite of it.

I guess my point to this mindless blathering is if there is one thing I would like to pass along to my kids it's this:  It's OK if you don't turn out to be the next Carrie Underwood or Skylar Laine.  Perhaps God made you to make sure the red light cameras in Hannibal work right (or even better, don't work at all)  :)