Ah, the weekend. Since its going to be a bit cooler than it has been, I think the family will stay in and watch a movie or three. 

We have the luxury of subscribing to Netflix. Not only do we stream to our Roku, Laptops, Wii, and Xbox, but we also get 2 DVDs in the mail…and that’s where Netflix turns evil. Don’t get me wrong, I love the choices and the freedom and the “no late fees” aspect of Netflix. But whenever the DVDs arrive in the mail, the clock starts ticking in my head. It is a race to see how quickly we can get those movies watched and back in the mail, so we can receive another pair of movies. If we get the movies watched quick enough, we could have 22 movies delivered to our house every month.

This, of course, never happens. Movies arrive usually on a Wednesday, then they sit in the Living Room until Friday night…wait, we have company coming over on Friday. Maybe Saturday Night? Well, there is a new SNL. We could tape it and watch on Sunday. What time is the Bears game on Sunday? We’ll have to work around that. So occasionally you will catch our family up watching the Netflix disc around 1:00am.

What is particularly irksome is when a disc comes in that my wife picked out just for her (I can join her, but sometimes these movies are not my cup of tea). One came recently that sat waiting for her to watch for two weeks. Now there is excess stress in the house. Why? Because now I am feeling like we paid too much for the movie because it didn’t get sent back soon enough for us to get more movies. Thank you, Netflix!

Maybe I’ll take the family for a drive to watch the leaves change…