Josh Thompson was in Quincy last Saturday night for a concert for Quincy Firefighter's Local 63.  KICK-FM has been working with Local 63 for a number of years, and it's always been an honor to be associated with them. 

Doc, Kurt and I had a chance to visit with Josh before the show. Josh asked several questions about Quincy, and said he was glad to be in town supporting firefighters. He took his time talking with us about the ever-changing music industry and the challenges facing artists today. It's not all fun and glamor as many envision. It's lots of long hours away from family and anything familiar, except your crew and bus.

After the show, when Josh had done his encore and had walked off stage, He looked exhausted. A fan came bursting through the doors at the theater and asked Josh if she could take his photo. He responded, "no, but I will let someone take a photo of both you and me together." After a photo and a hug from Josh, She walked away with a smile a mile wide and Josh headed for the bus - already running, for the next show.

Thanks, Josh and safe travels.