By now, you have heard the news, and even read here, about the passing of Andy Griffith.

It's just a reminder to myself that time does not stop for any of us. I think back about some of my childhood memories, and Andy and the rest of the characters from Mayberry are there.

The Andy Griffith Show, ran for around 8 years, but it really seemed to be a true slice of rural America. Oh sure, some of the plots were silly, but anyone that watched the show probably knew someone in "real life" that was very much like some of the characters on the show. Matter of fact, Andy based many of the folks on the show on people he knew growing up in Mt. Airy, N.C.

I think that Andy helped make it acceptable on T.V. for fathers to be able to show emotion with their children. You didn't see a whole lot of that in some of the other shows of that time. Andy and Opie opened doors for later programs to expand upon.

Andy went on to star in other shows and series, but it was always "just Andy," performing as an attorney or other role.

Many things will be written today and in the days to come about Andy, but I just wanted to offer up my personal thanks and thoughts for Andy's talents and vision.

They don't make 'em like that, anymore. Thanks, Sheriff Taylor.