The 24th Annual Teddy Bear Clinic was held yesterday at Blessing Hospital and it was a huge success. According to officials at Blessing Rieman College of Nursing over 300 youngsters and parents came by the 3 hour event.The young people made their way through the health stations to get their teddy bear, doll or stuffed animal examined and every one of them left the hospital in perfect health. Wouldn't it be nice if that were the case in reality.  Stop in with and ailment and be cured in 3 minutes.

My thanks to the nurses at Blessing Rieman College of Nursing for carrying on this event.  It seems to be a win-win for everyone involved.  The nursing students get the experience of  interacting with the youngsters and the kids get to try to overcome their fears with the medical staff plus they got to see the Adams County Sheriff's K-9 Dog demonstration and a chance to sit in a Quincy Fire Department Fire Truck.  Thanks also goes to DOT Foods and Refreshment Services Pepsi for their donation of snacks and beverage for the event.

With this year being year number 24, next year should be quite a special deal for the Silver Anniversary of the Teddy Bear Clinic. I didn't see any grey haired teddy bears yesterday, but there have to be some out there someplace to bring for next year's event.