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Eric Church Recording Live Album on Tour
Even though Eric Church recently said he would be stepping away from the spotlight in the new year, he’ll still be on the radar. As a way to thank his loyal followers for hundreds of sold-out concerts, Church will be releasing his very first live album in the beginning of 2013.
Craig Campbell, ‘Outta My Head’ – Song Review
Craig Campbell tries on a more contemporary sound with his new single ‘Outta My Head,’ a song about getting over a lover who won’t leave you alone even though she hasn’t called in quite some time. By leaning away from traditional, the singer aims to please more fans than his last two singles — the e…
Darius Rucker, ‘True Believers’ – Song Review
Darius Rucker takes a simple story of two lovers who defy odds and skeptics and places it gently on a cloud in the stratosphere — a place few others can reach. ‘True Believers’ begins as a mild and unremarkable pop-country song before clever production and Rucker&CloseCur…

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