Mark Twain

Happy Birthday, Mark Twain!
Happy birthday, Mark Twain!. Born on November 30, 1835, the literary icon (and Hannibal’s most famous resident) would have been 181 today.
This Summer, Check Out These Hannibal Museums
Yesterday was International Museum Day! Can't believe I missed it. Couldn't walk through a store without seeing decorations all over the place. Anyway, this summer make sure you check out a few great Hannibal museums.
Hannibal History Museum
The Hannibal History Museum is a great resource for finding …
Favorite Things About Your Home Town
The tri-state area has a lot to offer. From Mark Twain in Hannibal, to the parks of Quincy, to fairs and festivals in most every small town surrounding, towns in our area are often under-rated when it comes to providing interesting and fun things to do.
Why I Cannot Walk Today
My son needed extra P.E. time this weekend. We all though it would be a great idea for him to climb the stairs to the lighthouse in Hannibal, since we would already be in town for Mothers Day dinner. I got the bright idea that I would join him on his climb...

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