Heartland Lodge

YES Jennifer Aniston WAS in the Tri-States This Weekend!
Remember that fake story a while back that said that Jennifer Aniston made a "visit" to Quincy? That was debunked pretty easily. Which is why we were skeptical when we heard that she was in Pittsfield over the weekend. Well guess what? SHE TOTALLY WAS!
Quincy Area in Top Ten for Best Places to Hunt
The organization Wired to Hunt has come out with their top ten locations to hunt in the United States, and Quincy is one of the ten. The article was written by Mark Kenyon who says "if you eat, sleep and breathe whitetails," here are the ten locations in the U.S. where you sho…
Ain’t Nothin Wrong With Aaron Tippin
I noticed over the weekend that Aaron Tippin was headed to our neck of the woods this week...literally.  Our friends at the Herald Whig and KHQA-TV reported that Aaron would be appearing at Heartland Lodge for the Oakley-Lindsey Clay Sporting Event benefiting the local Boy Scouts.