County Fairs

What Summer Events and Activities Are You Looking Forward To?
I think I've written two or three different stories over the past several weeks that have all started with "now that winter seems to be over..." only for winter to not be over, and for another round of snow to drop down on us (April 14? Really?). I'm hoping, though, that winter finally is …
Carnival Season is Here! What’s Your Favorite Carnival Ride?
It's probably safe to say the we've entered carnival season. There will be carnival rides at this weekend's New London Park Days, the county fairs will be beginning soon, and of course we have events like National Tom Sawyer Days and the K of C Barbecue to look forward to. As a kid, events weren't w…
County Fair Season Schedule
It won't be long before county fairs are again upon us. Here's a list of the dates for the fairs in our area, and some of the entertainment booked so far. We'll add to it as we go.