City of Quincy

Where Do I Vote?
April 4th is Election Day. Do you have plans to vote? With as many people I see and hear complaining about the government, I am surprised that more people will not go and exercise their right to vote.
WGEM interviewed Adams County Clerk Chuck Venverloth, and he said that he is hoping for a 30-40% vot…
Cleanup News Conference Calls for Weekend Volunteers [Listen]
The storm recovery project is continuing in the City of Quincy. This upcoming weekend will be filled with the sounds of chainsaws as people try to clear their property of fallen tree limbs. There are plenty of elderly and disabled people who will not be able to do any cleanup. Therefore, there is  a…
Household Waste Collection Sites in Quincy Changed
The City of Quincy has made arrangements for four household waste collection sites around the city for private citizens of the city to use during this storm damage crisis through Friday, July 17. This will allow Quincy citizens to dispose of house waste and food waste only, absolutely NO YARD W…
Storm Recovery Information You Need to Know
Recovery information continues to pour in today as the City of Quincy and surrounding area cleans up from the massive storm that struck the area Monday. In no particular order, here are some items you need to know in your own particular recovery effort.

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