Cell Phone

When Did A Cell Phone Stop Being A Phone?
The other day I forgot my cell phone at home. This was because it was in "alarm clock" mode.
Yeah, I think that is strange too, now that I read that. But it is true. I forgot my phone at home because it was in "alarm clock" mode.
Let me explain: When I get ready in the morning I ha…
Where Is My Phone
In this digital age, one question is being asked again and again: Where Is My Phone?
It used to be where someone would call you on your home phone. You answer the phone in the kitchen, or in the living room, or in the bedroom - where ever you had a phone plugged into the wall...
Facebook by phone or computer? [POLL]
MSNBC reported today that a study has been done which claims that people use Facebook more on their phones than computers.  So, we want to know...is that true for you?  When you browse and/or post on Facebook, do you do it more on a phone or computer?