Six Pack of Songs for National Beer Day!
Raise your glass, lift it up, it's time to toast National Beer Day! Unfortunately big wigs who pay me don't consider it a "real holiday" worthy of getting a paid day off. Fortunately, my job is to play music, so I got to sit with some great tunes...
The Ultimate Memorial Day BBQ [Survey]
Not that I need an excuse to grill (or to eat), but soon Memorial Day will be here. I am not sure if I will host a barbecue at my house this Memorial Day weekend. I won't know that until the middle of May. If I don't host, I will at least help with the planning and execution of a barbecue …
Quincy Was A Beer Brewing City
It's no secret that Quincy has a proud German heritage. Along with that huge migration of Germans to this area in the 1800's, came the desire to brew beer, as they did in the "old country."