I looked at the container of coffee we have at the radio station and it reads, "Still makes up to 270 6 fl oz cups."

Which begs the question: Does anyone drink coffee in 6 oz. cups anymore? The cup I use for coffee is a bit larger, but by how much?

Michael Rose

I poured a 12oz. soda into my coffee cup. As you can see from the picture above, the cup is only 2/3 to capacity. I am guessing that my coffee cup is 16oz. - nearly 3x the amount of a 6oz. coffee cup.

I talked with KICK-FM Morning Show host Brian Myles. He wasn't sure how large his coffee cup was, so we performed the same "12oz. can of soda" test.

Michael Rose

As you can see, Brian's cup holds about 11oz. (that's the 12th ounce being absorbed by the conveniently placed paper towel). Which is still nearly twice that of the "6oz. coffee cup."

Do you drink coffee from a 6oz. cup? Take a look at your coffee cup this morning and try to figure out how many ounces it holds, and share below.