I realize that there are two football teams in the Super Bowl. One of them has a guy who allegedly used deer antler spray to become super human and the other has a guy with more tattoos than the entire town of Saverton.  That's all fine and dandy but we know what this weekend is really all about:  SNACKS!

The Food Network website has a pretty nifty list of snack recipes for this Sunday.  My personal favorite is the chile chicken with fries.  I fear for anyone that is required to be within three miles of me the day after I eat that plate.  They also have a recipe for salad on a stick.  Normally, I am a big fan of anything "on a stick".  But, if I want salad, I'll go get my pet rabbit.

This guy has also discovered that snacks are the real Super Bowl winner this weekend.

This lady doesn't know anything about football...but DING!  She knows snacks...and apparently makeup application...

Do you have a favorite Super Bowl recipe you'd like to share...or even better...cook and bring to us?  If so, please ignore the "Do Not Feed The Animals" sign our boss has posted on the door.  We'll be happy to let you in.