It's not every day that we see "Quincy, Illinois" as a trending topic on Facebook, but that's exactly what is happening this morning. For most of us locals, this is kind of old news, but apparently word got out to the rest of the world about the Quincy couple that recently celebrated the birth of their 100th grandchild. 

Nastco, ThinkStock

Back in April, the Quincy Herald-Whig wrote a great article about Leo and Ruth Zanger, a couple that has been married for 59 years. They have 12 children. They also have 53 grandchildren, 46 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild, which all adds up to 100 grandchildren! Imagine trying to keep track of all those birthdays!

The great thing about the story is that the Zangers say their family is really close. The Whig reports that the family has to rent out a church hall for events, and usually have to have about 50 lbs. of ham or 10 turkeys to feed everyone!

As of this morning, the story has been picked up by TV stations and newspapers around the country. The Zangers are evening making news across the pond. The Daily Mail in the UK published the story of the exceptionally large family on May 25.

Of course, with this story being such a huge Facebook success, there have been a number of funny comments that have been posted. Probably my favorite was from journalist Allison Croghan.


Don't tell my mom. She's been asking me where her first is.

Posted by Allison Croghan on Tuesday, May 26, 2015