Some people love roller coasters and some people are afraid to go near them.  I love roller coasters.  And, that's one of the many reasons why I love Six Flags St. Louis.  Some parks are fortunate to have one or two really great coasters.  Six Flags St. Louis has a half dozen, two or three that I consider classics.  Behold my photo tour of Six Flags St. Louis finest.

Formerly known as "Evel Knievel" (to me, that's what it will always be), "American Thunder" is the first coaster you'll encounter as you enter Six Flags and turn to the left.  It's a classic wooden coaster which doesn't occupy much real estate, but the designer managed to make the thing fly fast enough and turn quick enough to rattle your teeth.  To me, this is the fastest coaster I've ever ridden.

Next up is "The Boss".  This is a monster in every sense of the word.  Big, high, fast and long.  It is my current favorite coaster at Six Flags.  If you love wooden roller coasters, you owe it to yourself to take a few turns on "The Boss".

One of the many great things about "The Boss" (and many of the coasters at Six Flags St. Louis) is the fact that it winds in and out of the trees.

To me, Six Flags St. Louis is "The Screamin Eagle".

"The Screamin Eagle" is a coaster I've ridden every trip to Six Flags for the past thirty years.  Up until "The Boss" came along, it was my all-time favorite and still ranks up there as one of the great American roller coasters.  One of my favorite things about "The Screamin Eagle" happens to be the sounds it makes including the rattle of chains when the coaster grabs for the first climb and the creaking of wood when the cars make the first turn before the first mammoth drop.  I also love the out-of-control feeling that the cars give you after it reaches the end of the first set of drops and begins turning back toward the finish area.

On "The Screamin Eagle", you either end up on the blue set of cars or the red set.  Blue set sucks.  Long live the red cars.

A nice change of pace from the bone-rattling coasters is the Log Flume.  Technically not a coaster, but it was one of the first ones my parents took me on as a kid and on a hot day, it's good for a few splashes.

Be warned, there are "Water Blaster" stations near the Log Flume where onlookers can pay a quarter to watch you get doused by a big splash of water that they paid for.

The first steel coaster I ever rode was "The Ninja".  There are lots of health warnings leading up to the entrance of "The Ninja" and they're there for a reason.

"The Ninja" is famous for subjecting you to an upside-down double loop right after the first turn not to mention multiple stomach-twisting corkscrews.  Whoever designed "The Ninja" should be in prison.

One of the more unique coasters at Six Flags St. Louis is Batman The Ride.  If they guy who designed The Ninja is in prison, the person who designed Batman The Ride should be his cellmate.

Here are the next human beings about to have their stomachs turned backwards and their necks adjusted by "Batman The Ride".  My kids love this coaster.  For my tastes, this is the most pain I've ever voluntarily experienced.  I actually walked out of the wrong exit door and nearly got tackled by a dozen security people due to being completely disoriented after riding.