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Here is Your 2018 K of C BBQ Schedule
The largest fundraiser of the year, The K of C BBQ, is scheduled for August 9 through August 12. Here is the full schedule for this year's festivities:
Did You Know About This New Illinois Car Seat Law?
It was always told me when my girls where younger that they should stay rear-facing in their car seats until they turned two. It was highly recommended by my pediatrician that I follow that procedure. And now, it's not just a suggestion. It's an Illinois law.
The Kardashians Are Hiring (If You're Interested)
Get your resume together because one of the most influential families in the country is looking for a new employee. If you love makeup and The Kardashians, I think I have found your dream job.
Jay Leno Is Coming to Central Illinois
Known at "the hardest working man in show business," Jay Leno will be making a stop in Springfield, Illinois in September. Tickets are now on sale to see the popular comedian and longtime host of "The Tonight Show".
Quincy YMCA to Offer Lifeguard Training
Being a lifeguard is not all about sitting in a chair and twirling a whistle. You have a very important job, to make sure people of all ages have a fun time swimming, but most importantly that they are safe.

Quincy Police Take On Lip Sync Challenge [VIDEO]
You have probably been seeing lip sync battles from police departments all over your social media accounts the last few weeks. Finally, we get a lip sync video from the Quincy Police Department.
Washington Theater Needs Your Help
One of Quincy’s most historic and beautiful landmark buildings is in need of a little summer cleanup (and they need your help!)
Quincy Hy-Vee To Offer Crash Course in 'Freezer Meals'
With the busy school year ahead and shuttling the kids from one activity to another, dinner can usually be a fast food drive thru. However, if you don't want to hit the drive-thru every night Hy-Vee will be holding classes for freezer meals, and they are even healthy too.