I watch ESPN a lot. (Another proof I'd like to offer that I really am a guy) The ESPN website had a great idea the other day. They threw out the concept of having NASCAR be an Olympic sport. Yeah, I laughed at first too.  But after some deep thought (and after eating two canisters of Chili Cheese Pringles), it started to make some serious sense.

There are some potential downsides to NASCAR being in the Olympics as the ESPN article was quick to mention:

That might go against the Olympic spirit if NASCAR were in London instead of Loudon. Seldom do we see the best car or even driver win each week in racing like we do the best athlete in the Olympics.

Engine failure, blown tires, debris caution, fuel mileage … all these things play a role as big or bigger than that of the person behind the wheel. You hardly ever see a sprinter blow a shoe.

This may sound un-Christian, but I'd love to see a sprinter blow a shoe.  But, back to the point...what do you think?  Do you think Dale Jr and Tony Stewart should be Olympians?