U.S. Secret Service Agents are some of the best in the world at what they do.

It's never an easy job to protect the Leader of the Free World, from all those who would do them and the U.S. harm.  That's why I'm angry about the most recent stories surfacing about their behavior on the President's recent trip to Central America. If you haven't heard all of the details, read more about it here, from USA Today.

After personally being involved with the Law Enforcement community for a number of years, I believe that most L.E. professionals hold themselves to a higher standard in their daily actions.  Everyone is looking at and to you to set the example.  Many times, you are the "benchmark" for others. I understand that people are not perfect.  However, when you have been through the level of training that has been demanded of these Secret Service agents, there's absolutely no excuse for this kind of behavior.

Secret Service agents are responsible for successfully completing the mission every time.  When you're guarding the President, you don't get a "do-over," if you're having an off day.

This type of behavior anywhere, but especially in a foreign country is sending mixed signals about Americans.  Those who are unsure of the U.S. become really convinced that much of the negative hype they have been fed is true, upon seeing the actions of our agents in their country.  This isn't about politics. It's about how others view all of us, based on their behavior, and that's not even close to being okay with me.

How does this impact us in the Quincy/Hannibal area? YOU and I, (as well as other Americans,) are footing the bill for all of this.  Not to mention what could happen if the agents aren't "on point," with their primary job, protecting the President.

The lack of accountability from the agents' is tied to agency directors and supervisors. I'm not opposed to the best equipment and training for our agents, that's not the issue. But it occurs to me that these agents are there, (receiving very good salaries, I might add) and NOT taking care of their assignment.  Their job is one of the most important missions out there.

I realize that there are numerous Secret Service agents, who have and will continue to be the best at what they do, and to those agents, Thanks.  The agents involved in this "scandal," are again, giving Law Enforcement professionals a "black-eye," for abuse of their position.

I guarantee that there are qualified people out there who would jump at the chance to be serving with the Secret Service. I hope those folks are notified soon about several, new openings within the agency.