Watching Reba host a Country awards show, you'd never know that she gets nervous these days.

Let's face it, with a career spanning 30 plus years, playing before literally, millions of fans in concert and on broadcasts, this is a woman that you rarely see "sweat." 

Oh sure, almost every entertainer gets butterflies before a show.  I'm fairly certain that it doesn't compare with the fear of watching your child scream around a race track at high speeds.

Reba's son, Shelby, is a race car driver. Interestingly enough,  Shelby races Mustangs - albeit, a "Boss" Mustang. He' s a freshman racer, and is learning the ropes of the racing business.

According to his website, racing became an early interest for him, after receiving a gift of go-karts from his mom and dad.

No doubt, Shelby's a naturally "driven" guy.  Obviously, his Mom, is a Country icon, and his Father Narvel, has been managing Reba's career for a number of years, in addition to operating their company, Starstruck, which manages several artists and a entertainment transportation division.

Although Shelby is following his dream job behind the wheel,  Momma Reba, can't help but get nervous. More shaky than before any show she's ever done.  Reba made mention of Shelby during the ACM awards show.

So, you might see Shelby coming to a track near you in the future. And if Reba's ever cutting it close to get to a concert appearance, She knows who to call for a fast ride. :)