It's that time of year.  It's a fireworks show of colors in the trees.  That's my fancy way of saying the leaves are changing.  With area color drives and the Folklife Festival coming up along with a bushel load of other fun activities, I decided to take ye olde camera through Riverview Park in Hannibal for some picture taking.  This blog is the result.

The sign is where the fun begins.
I was trying to take a picture of the sky, but these trees got in the way.
Watch out for walkers and runners on this road while you stare at the overhanging trees.
You can start to see the beginnings of leaves changing colors
Love when the reds start to mix with the greens.
So many trees even the sun has a hard time breaking through.
Hey mom, more trees!
The mighty Mississippi looks great from here.
Hey, I know him! It's Charlie Daniels!
Whoops! My bad. It's Mark Twain.
One lonely flower overlooking the river.
The overhanging trees make the road inside the park a real treat.
Colors really booming in some parts of the park already.