I have to warn you. This is not a "feel-good" blog today.

A so-called "charity," is messing with our disabled veterans. It torques me off, big time.

It turns out that  Disabled Veterans National Foundation, a charity that has claimed in the past to help veterans with disabilities, has been using most of their money for marketing services. We're talking millions of dollars that have not been going to help our veterans.

It never ceases to amaze me that folks continue to use the good cause of helping our veterans just to turn a buck to line their own pockets.  Sadly, these are some of the people that our troops keep safe, later to exploit our veterans for their own monetary gain.

According to the watchdog group, CharityWatch, the organization named in this blog isn't the only charity that actually spends only a small portion of their proceeds directly on helping veterans. The other costs are eaten up in marketing costs, salaries and other expenses. This is inexcusable.

Do me a favor. Please do your homework before giving your money over to these charitable organizations, and find out how much of their donations actually go to helping the intended recipients.

There are some great charities out there, that do a good job for our veterans. Make sure the one you pick is getting their mission accomplished.