Dick Clark, Radio and Television veteran, died today at the the of 82. 

You can find more details here about Dick's life and career.

As someone who works in one of the industries that Dick helped groom over the past 60 plus years, he was a legend.

"The World's Oldest Teenager," as he was once dubbed, was really a shrewd businessman, that was able to pick up on the current trends of the times, and sell you on them.  He once said, "I don't make culture, I sell it." And Dick was very good at it.

Dick Clark Productions produced much more than "American Bandstand." For the past 40 years, his " New Year's Rockin' Eve," program has become the standard for ringing in the New Year.  Clark was responsible for creating the "American Music Awards," when ABC lost the "Grammy Awards" broadcast. He later went on to create and produce the "Academy of Country Music Awards," which has continued to grow every year.

Through Radio and Television, he brought us some of the most memorable moments in music and entertainment. If  you were a young person in the 60's 70's and 80's, Dick introduced new music, artists and trends into our living rooms and local culture here in Quincy and Hannibal.

As a fellow broadcaster and a fan, I just want to say "thanks," for some great memories.