I actually have two first cars. The actual first car was a 1966 Chrysler Newport I picked up for $75 in 1983. The person I bought it from (without a battery) delivered it to me at the Kentucky Fried Chicken I worked at. I was supposed to buy a battery for it, but I never had enough money to get one.

So the car sat for a few months through a couple of snowstorms until I finally did get a used battery. Once installed, I drove the thing about a mile when a freeze plug fell out of the engine, causing all of the antifreeze to leak out. I called a local junk yard to take the car away.

The car I consider my first car came a year and a half later when I purchased a 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88 for $250. I drove this car everywhere, and did so much with it (I won't get into details, for fear that statute of limitations has not run out). After a year and a day the timing chain broke. So I pulled the stereo and plates, and left the car abandoned on LaSalle St. for the City to "take care of".

I write about these cars because we have a 2011 Kia Soul up for bid on Bids For Bargains. Just think: Your child could have a great first car, and not have to go through the tribulations I had gone through with my first car(s).

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