Remember when Jason Aldean performed at the Adams County Fair? According to this website, the actual date was July 29, 2006. I'll fess up that I don't remember much about the actual concert, but I do remember one event that happened right before the show.

The radio station I worked for at the time had backstage passes, but only a couple for the listeners. I remember we were walking toward the backstage area and I saw a girl at the fence crying.  I ended up giving her my backstage pass so she could meet Jason.  Here's a note:  If you ever want backstage tickets from me, cry.  I can't stand to see ladies cry.

That's not my point though.  I'm curious if you were at that show back in 2006 and if so, do you have any pictures?  If you do, feel free to reach out to us via email or post them on our Facebook wall.

We'll be giving you a chance to win tickets to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan in St. Louis for the September 14th show at the Verizon!  Details on how you can win coming up soon!