I bought a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack yesterday. Trying to redeem the digital copy has been a real hassle. Anyone else fed up with having to create multiple online accounts for simple tasks?

The first time I ever purchased and actually redeemed the digital copy offer on a DVD, it wasn't so bad. Basically I went to the site on the certificate, entered the redemption code, choose iTunes - or whatever the Windows option was - signed in to iTunes, and downloaded my movie. It wasn't too bad.

The last three digital copy offers have been much more of an ordeal. I found out that instead of getting my copy through iTunes, which I already had an account with, I had to instead sign up an account with Ultraviolet. OK, fine. But then, it turns out to get that copy on to my iPad, I also needed to download the Flickster app, and set up yet another new account with them. I finally got all of this taken care of, and downloaded two of the movies. But then, for the third movie, Sony Pictures required that I set up an account with their site, as well.

When will this end?

The one positive that I've noticed is that a lot of sites - including the ones mentioned above, which I found out after the fact - are now offering the option of registering and logging in with Facebook. We actually now have this feature for our KICK-FM Country Club members. I don't know about you, but I've got plenty of usernames/passwords to keep track of. Maybe "register with Facebook" will become standard, and we won't have to keep track of quite so many different accounts. Let's hope.

I need an Advil.