Quincy is pretty famous for having some very cravable things to eat from several of its restaurants. We're on a mission to find out what folks in our area crave the most.

Kelly's Tavern is famous for a few things. Cheese soup, cinnamon rolls, chicken strips, the salad bar and tenderloins, just to name a few. Their fries are unique and tasty as well. Other McClain restaurants like Gem City Pizzeria have the fantastic Jeff's Special Pizza, my personal favorite thing to eat in town. Another, Sprouts, is famous for roast beef and home made pies with mile high meringue, and few can resist the fried chicken at Elder's.

Other Quincy restaurants with famous menus include LaGondola, where the spaghetti is second to none. The Scoreboard boasts that they have the best cheeseburger in Quincy, right on their window, and I've never heard anyone disagree with that claim. You like tacos? Of course you do. It's hard to beat a taco lunch at Hooeys. And of course the famous maid rites from, yes ... Maid Rite.

There are good dessert staples in Quincy, too. Deters Frozen Custard has been a Quincy tradition for years, and it's not summer without a stop or two by Gengenbachers in the K-Mart parking lot for some shaved ice.

Of course I'm missing some great things, but that's where you come in. We've listed some of Quincy's favorites below. Vote for as many of them as you like, and also feel free to vote "other" and write in a vote for something else that deserves to be on the list. Let's find out what Quincy's most craved food is. Then we can all meet there for lunch.