Have you ever watched "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's 'Broken Skull Challenge' on CMT? If you're a fan, you might see some familiar faces during upcoming episodes.

CMT has announced that a couple from Quincy, 30-year-old Jennifer and 27-year-old Sam, will compete on separate episodes of the series.

The toughest competition series on TV, each week men and women from across the country battle it out in physically and mentally grueling challenges until only one is left standing. That person earns the chance to win $10,000 by beating the new and improved Skullbuster, a harrowing obstacle course designed by Austin himself. Even the strongest athletes fall victim to the Skullbuster, as the course breaks down competitors, body-part by body-part." - CMT

Jennifer is a former professional soccer player who now competes in CrossFit. Her team once placed second at the World CrossFit Championships. Sam also competes in CrossFit, despite being legally blind. He played division one football and makes his living as a pro grid athlete.

Sam says that if he wins the $10,000, he would like to use the money to help his family, especially his mom. Jennifer said that she would like to use some of the prize money for new tattoos for her and her husband.

Each episode of BROKEN SKULL CHALLENGE involves a series of gritty physical challenges, as some of the most elite athletes in America compete head-to-head for the win. Contestants includes highly-trained body builders; Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighters; arena football, rugby and CrossFit athletes, along with every day men and women." - CMT

Jennifer will appear on the January 25 episode of 'Broken Skull Challenge,' and Sam will be on the show February 8. 'Broken Skull Challenge' airs Sundays at 7 p.m. CT on CMT.