I don't want to sound un-American, but I am ready for politicians to shut up now. I realize that political debate and discussion are a part of the election process in the United States. My history teachers taught me this repeatedly during my three tours of 7th grade. Just because political debate is a part of the process doesn't mean I have to like it.

I'm not going to express my political beliefs here for several reasons.  First of all, no offense intended, but it's no one's business what I believe.  And, second, it doesn't matter what I believe and it certainly shouldn't influence anyone's decision on how to vote.

My point to this (I think I have one) is that I'm tired of having to listen to the politicians talk.  We all know how we're going to vote already, right?  Then, let's vote tomorrow and get this over with.  Judging by comments from my friends on Facebook, their minds were also made up a LONG time ago...so why must we go through another three weeks of mud throwing?