On Saturday, 8/9, a young man was shot by police in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, MO. Many people are angry over the incident, but the reaction is still confusing to me.

Police shoot an unarmed man, so the way to show your anger and frustration is by breaking into businesses, looting, and then burning them? The people involved are not related to you. 11 of the businesses that were damaged had nothing to do with the shooting, the police officer, or the victim. But for some reason those businesses were made to "pay" for the community's outrage.

I was listening to a news report about the employees at Walmart having to barricade themselves in the store as angry people are trying to break in. Why? These people had nothing to do with the incident at hand, yet they are forced to suffer the consequences of having to work at a business that was in the "path of destruction".

How does destruction of property, looting, and arson show you care about an unarmed man getting shot? Will someone please explain that to me. HOW DOES THIS HELP THE FAMILY OF THE VICTIM?!?