I was watching a movie from the 60s recently where the lead character was about to get together with her friends during the afternoon to play Bridge. This is a scenario I rarely (if ever) see in movies anymore, nor do I see this in real life. Which begs the question:

Does anybody play Bridge anymore?

In my 47 years I cannot remember ever playing Bridge (I am talking about the card game that is typically played with four ladies or two couples). But seeing it in that movie got me to think about other card games that I never hear about anymore.

Cribbage. My mom and I played this all the time until my later high school years. Then there just wasn't time to play. I don't know if she has her cribbage board anymore, or if she even remembers how to play (I sure don't).

Blackjack is still popular in the casinos. I played this with my grandfather all the time when I was younger. I never hear anyone playing this outside of the casinos. Because of the proliferation of casinos in the area, many people are more familiar with Texas Hold-Em. I've never played this, but I have seen it on TV.

Another game I never hear anyone talk about playing is Pinochle (pronounced PEA-knock-ull, not PEA-knuckle). According to the Bicycle Playing Cards Web site:

"A 48-card Pinochle pack is used. It consists of: A (high), K, Q, J, 10, 9 (low) in each of the four suits, with two of each card."

My grandfather had Pinochle decks in his "card basket" and said he was going to teach me to play, but he never got a Round Tuit.

Has the technology age taken away the desire to play these card games? Are there any other card games you remember from when you were younger that you never hear anyone talk about playing anymore? Please share below.