I had the opportunity to take my wife to Chicago for her birthday. She had always wanted to see Blue Man Group, so I felt this was a great time to do this.

Water Tower Place

Because I grew up in Chicago, I have a tendency to want to do too much - get as much in as possible in the short time we have in the city. Of course, it happened this last trip. Here's what we got to do in our 48-hour trip:

  • 2:30pm Friday: Arrive in town and eat stuffed pizza at Giordano's
  • Shop at Oak Brook Center Mall
  • Drive 1 1/2 hours in traffic from the hotel to see...
  • Blue Man Group (it was AWESOME!)
  • Ate giant mozzarella cheese sticks and blue cheese potatoes at Leona's
  • Sleep.
  • Saturday: Eat beef sandwiches from Roma's on Milwaukee Ave.
  • Shop at Water Tower Place
  • Pick up Frango Mints from Marshall Fields (don't call it Macy's)
  • Enjoy Hot Chocolate from Hershey's on Michigan Ave.
  • Walk around Millennium Park, take pictures of The Bean and watch people ice skate
  • Shop at a couple of stores on South Michigan Ave.
  • Stop by Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Co. for Pizza Pot Pie
  • Leave Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder Co. because the line was too long and nobody was taking names.
  • Eat Thai food at Spoon on Western Ave.
  • Circle the neighborhood for an hour trying to find parking at...
  • The Laugh Factory - watched seven stand-up comics
  • Drank bad hot chocolate at some yuppie place on Broadway (yuck - Hershey's was much better)
  • Sleep.
  • Sunday: Breakfast with my family at Jedi's in Evergreen Park
  • More shopping
  • Drive Cicero Ave. from the far south side to the north side (more of an adrenaline rush than bungee jumping)
  • Drive though my old neighborhood
  • Eat Gyros at King's #2 on Milwaukee Ave.
  • Visit Kurowski Sausage Shop to pick up ten packages of Perogies
  • Eat a genuine Maxwell St. Polish from Maxwell St.
  • 2:00pm Sunday: Leave Chicago.

We had a really great time. Believe it or not, there were times where Christina and I would ask "now what do we do"?