Sometimes someone will make an obscure movie reference. Everyone in the room gets it, but I don't. Now I feel out of the loop. Did I miss something (well, obviously I did, since everyone else in the room got it).

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

So during my recent trip to Evansville, IN, the scene went like this:

Leslie Morgan, morning co-host on 99.5 WKDQ walks into the break room and empties several styrofoam cups. She said that they were scattered throughout her office each containing a small amount of water. Leslie then makes a reference to a movie with Mel Gibson where water causes aliens pain, so they smash some water glasses (BTW - this is from the movie Signs, which I have never seen).

It was at that point she looked at us (me and Harold Smith from KHMO) and said "you must be the visitors". We introduced ourselves, and then I thanked her for "saving us" by getting rid of the water. Leslie is now Queen of the Aliens.

I like to think that I have watched a lot of movies in my lifetime. Some great, some not so great. Most of the time a good movie reference will come up and I get it.

"Joey, you like movies about gladiators?" - Airplane

"These go to 11." - This Is Spinal Tap

"You're gonna need a bigger boat." - Jaws

So what do you do when someone makes what you consider an obscure movie reference? Do you play along like you know, or do you let on that you have no clue what they are talking about? Share your favorite movie reference below, and see if I can guess what movie it is from, or if I think it is "obscure."