It was time. The tires on her Mountaineer had over 75,000 miles on them, so off to Grant's Tire for a new set of rubber.

They still have that new tire smell!

Not that this is a commercial for Grant's Tire, but I was very impressed with the job that Dave Cory and his crew did. I was in and out for there in about 12-minutes. I got a haircut earlier in the day and that took nearly an hour. I would have thought that the tires would have taken much longer. But not at Grant's. (Call Dave at 769-3020 and tell him how much I raved about him).

The reason I bring up my wifes new tires is that I need some new rubber. Not tires, mind you...

Looking kind of worn...aren't they?

Remember: Christmas is coming up. Size 12, Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops, black.

I think its time to call my mom. She'll be asking me what I want for Christmas, anyway.

So tell me: is there a local business where you recently recieved excellent service? It is proven that if someone recieves great service they will tell one person, but if they receive poor service they will tell ten people. I do not want to hear about the bad. Let's share the positive vibe by talking about the good.