If you're a big college basketball fan like me this is... to quote a certain Christmas song... "the most wonderful time of the year." I look forward to the NCAA men's tournament every year like kids look forward to Christmas morning. Partially because my home team, the Kansas Jayhawks almost always have a chance to do well, but almost as much because I love March bracket madness.

Doug Pensinger, Getty Images

Some years I just fill out one bracket. I've been known to fill out as many as four or five. I know people who fill out more. You may consider that "cheating" but we die-hards just call it more fun. You can formulate different theories on how games may go and test each with a different bracket.

I've been lucky enough to win with my "main" bracket twice in the past. The most satisfying of those was in 2008 when not only did my bracket win but so did my team. Luckily I was smart enough to be a "homer" that year and actually pick them to go all the way. I don't always do that. Brackets are serious business after all and if I don't feel like my Jayhawks are really good enough to win a title I've often picked another team to hoist the trophy in my bracket. Hey that way I have two ways to win... my team or my bracket could be winners.

I haven't decided yet how I'm picking this year. My team is good but I'm not sure they're good enough to win it all. Maybe I'll flip a coin, read a fortune cookie, consult the stars and a psychic then just write them it on the top line anyway.

How do you fill out your bracket? Have you won anything before? What's your secret? It's OK to share those secrets here... you're amongst friends.

What makes this years tournament even more exciting is that KICK listeners actually have a chance to win BIG! Enter now for free and fill out your bracket and a perfect tally in the end can win you 1 million dollars! Picking over 60 games correctly can win you $10,000 or just winning the most games will mean a $150 Quincy Mall gift card.

Even if you know little to nothing about the game fill out a bracket anyway. As I mentioned it's free and how many opportunities do you get presented with to win a million bucks?