The selections have been made and the teams are set. Time to fill out those brackets and get on the road to being a winner. You could even win a million dollars with KICK-FM's NCAA bracket challenge.

Yes, our contest gives you the chance at 1 million dollars if you're able to fill out a perfect bracket. A daunting task? Sure. Impossible? No. Just about every year someone somewhere fills out a perfect bracket. Often it's done by someone who doesn't even consider themselves a big college basketball fan. It's about chance as much or more than about being an expert and best of all... it's free to give it a shot.

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Other prizes are up for grabs too. The person who predicts the most games correctly will win a $150 Quincy Mall gift card. If you correctly pick more than 60 games you can win $10,000 as well. So get entered now and pick until you're hearts content.

I finished up my picks a little while ago and I have to say... Yes I went full "homer." As many know I'm a Kansas boy. I was born and raised there, not far from Lawrence, where the University of Kansas is. My head says Louisville or Indiana are likely the best teams. But my Jayhawks are no slouch either. They are the second over all seed in the tournament and the #1 seed in the south region after all. So......... I'm sayin there's a chance. :)

The four #1 seeds are Louisville, Kansas, Indiana and Gonzaga. I will say it's cool to finally have a mid-major get a top seed... Gonzaga. It's even cooler to see see the reigning national champions fail to even make the tournament... Kentucky. Enjoy the NIT Wildcats! Yes I'm enjoying that a little too much. I'm OK with that.

So go KU! As long as Duke or North Carolina don't win it all I'll be OK though.

Let's get this thing started!