Being a Radio Personality is a funny thing. It really comes down to standing in a room and talking into a microphone and trying to relate to an imaginary person who might be listening on the other side of the radio. (That imaginary person is hopefully you, by the way) For some reason, us radio folks get treated like celebrities sometimes (due to our perceived fame, I guess). Truth is, we're just guys who come to work to try and earn a living just like you do.  For the past (nearly) thirty years, Dave Lee has been one of those guys.

Today just happens to be the last day that Dave will be on the radio.  He's done what many of us have done in our lives.  He's found a new (non-radio) job to better provide for his family.  One more thing.  I'm proud to say that Dave Lee is my friend.  Truth be known, (other than my wife) he's the best friend I've ever had on this Earth.

I could go on and on about Dave's radio legacy. He's not the kind of guy who would ever discuss this himself. But, the reality is that he is the main reason why KICK-FM has been one of the dominant stations since the early 90's. He was the program director back when I joined KICK back in 1996. And, at that time, KICK had become one of the most successful stations in the history of Hannibal/Quincy radio. Dave was one of the catalysts and driving forces for that success. He'd never admit it, but he's still one of the most recognized voices ever to be heard in our local radio pond.

It is radio's loss that Dave will no longer be on our airwaves after today. But, fact is, that really doesn't matter in the whole scheme of things. Radio stations come and go. The most important thing is who Dave is as a person. You don't get to see it (it is radio after all), but Dave is a devoted family man. In addition (and this is no exaggeration), he is the most honorable person I have ever known. Nobody I have ever worked with has had the great work ethic that Dave has shown for decades.

I wish Dave, his wife Rhonda and daughter Caitlin the absolute best blessings that God can give them.  But, for me, this isn't a goodbye.  You see, Dave Lee is my friend.  The best friend I've ever had in my life.  And, when a person like Dave Lee is your friend, you understand what a great honor that is.  Godspeed, Dave...and thanks.