I live a weird life.  Here's proof.  I have a family connection to both Ashton Kutcher and Frank Fritz from American Pickers.  I know.  Weird.  If you don't mind spending five minutes of your life that you'll never get back, I'll gladly explain the details.  Again, don't say I didn't warn you.  Five minutes you'll never get back...as Taylor Swift likes to say....EVER.

First, here's my brush with greatness with Frank Fritz.  I had to get an oil change in Hannibal.  (This is always an amazingly fun experience)  As I'm in the lounge area waiting for one of the techs to bring me my dirty air filter so he can sell me a new one for $50, another guy walks in.  He's a balding guy with a dark beard wearing sunglasses and a hat.  At the time, I hadn't watched American Pickers and had no idea who he was.  Shortly after this, another guy comes in for an oil change who obviously did watch American Pickers cause he immediately started talking to Frank and telling him what a big fan of the show he was.  It wasn't until I started watching the show that I realized that I had my oil changed (and a brand new $50 filter) with Frank Fritz from American Pickers.

My wife's brush with greatness completely blows mine away (no offense, Frank, but Ashton is way hotter than you).  She worked at Hyvee in Coralville, Iowa during her college years at approximately the same time that Ashton Kutcher worked there.  Just think.  She could have ended up being the love interest of the number one guy on Twitter.  Instead, she married a guy who thinks that posting on Twitter means they "twitted".

Here's Ashton talking about his time at the deli in Hyvee at Coralville...

Isn't it crazy how many famous people we get to hang out with in this area?  Have you had a brush with greatness?  One lady called the show a few years ago when Matt Damon stopped at the Hannibal Ayerco.  What about you?