Mother's Day is this Sunday. Mother's Day generally involves bits of homemade cards, bouquets of flowers, and hopefully treating Mom to a nice meal.

I think as you grow older, Mother's day evolves for both the parent and children. Looking back, I can't believe that my mom was able to weather all of the trouble I brought her way, so gracefully.

I have memories from my childhood of my parents, my three sisters and me all going out to eat, which didn't happen that often. My mom doing her best to keep all of us on good behavior, all the while wearing a huge, hideous corsage, that us kids picked out for her, like a soldier that was just awarded a medal. Mom has since passed on, but she left some great memories.

So, for all the mothers who have experienced both the thrill and agony of  Mother's Day past, what is some advice that you can pass on to new moms or moms to be?

I found this video from St. Louis Children's Hospital, with some advice...

I can't think of a better source for motherly advice than from experienced Moms, so share!....and Happy Mother's Day!