Have you ever heard of Charley's Buffet in Lincoln, Missouri? I hadn't, and I was in that part of the state just a few weeks ago, so I wish that I had! The restaurant has ranked third on the list of "The 12 Greatest All-You-Can-Eat Buffets in America." Red Apple Buffet in Chicago also made the list, coming in seventh. 

The list was put together by Tabelog, "a lively online community for all the food lovers out there."

bhofack2, ThinkStock

According to the site, Red Apple Buffet is a Polish-themed buffet which specializes in Polish sausage, sauerkraut, and a variety of European pastries.

Tablelog says that Charley's Buffet "may be the best buffet outside of Vegas." As proof, they cite the restaurant's 30 foot long dessert bar. Yes, 30 feet of dessert. How did that place not rank No. 1?

The top two restaurants on Tablelog's list are The Manor in West Orange, New Jersey, and Bacchanal Buffet in Las Vegas.

After reading Tablelog's list, I immediately Facebook messaged one of the announcers at our sister station in Sedalia, which is not too far from Lincoln. It turns out the guys down there know all about Charley's. One of them makes it a point to visit at least once per year.

Before you plan your own trip to try this place out, you should know that they're only open on Friday and Saturday nights. Next time I'm in that region of Missouri on a Friday or Saturday night, I'd definitely be interested in making a stop.

While I had never heard of Charley's Buffet, I can tell you about a very good buffet that I've visited, and it's not too far from here. Don's Family Style Buffet is on Highway JJ in Huntsville, Missouri, near Moberly. It's a very clean restaurant, and the food is good, down home cooking.