I don't know what you think about when your mind isn't concentrating on serious things. Sometimes I scare myself with the random things that drift through my cranium. And even scarier, I feel compelled to share the here. Consider this your warning.  Here goes:

  1. Why does everybody (but me) drive 85 miles per hour on Illinois 172 between 5a and 6a in the morning?  Is there some secret Masonic speed limit that I'm not privy to?
  2. Am I the only person scared to death by the creepy looks all the couples in the Cialis commercials give each other?  *SHUDDER*
  3. Why do the mainstream media blame horrific crimes on inanimate objects?
  4. People who wear ties are meaner than those that don't.
  5. Women don't normally wear ties.
  6. The book "50 Shades of Grey" is causing rope sales to increase.  Repent while there's still time.

That about covers it.  Do you have any odd thoughts traversing the outer regions of your mind?  If so, please share so I can feel a little less weird knowing it's not just me.